Anatoly Yakorev

Anatoly is an internationally recognised Ethics & Compliance Expert, Council of Europe good governance expert, a founding fellow of the Global Community for Ethics, Compliance & Integrity (Germany), an Honorary Advisor to the Anti-corruption Institute (Hong Kong) and a Strategic Partner of Global Ethics Solutions (USA). He was the first to launch Collective Action in Russia “Russian Energy Compliance Alliance” (RECA) in 2010. He developed the World Without Corruption programme that was supported and endorsed by academia, world leaders and experts back in 2011.

Anatoly set up a foundation (NGO) in Brussels called World Without Corruption International Alliance Foundation (WWCIA) in 2011 to promote the programme globally.

He has unique abilities to influence people over web conferencing and through inspirational texts, which has been recognised by conference producers. He is a partner of 3 Human Hub Lab (Ukraine) that focuses on ethical leadership development and its components.

Anatoly is the Conscious Enterprises Network (CEN) SME Mentor (SMEntor). He is completely conversant with CEN’s goal to restore trust, honesty and integrity to empower businesspeople to create a network of like-minded individuals, whose values-based business models could be replicated around the world.

In this COVID era, our ability to work with other leaders is limited to online interactions, which is Antoly’s forte. The virtual format does not get in the way of the ROI of ethical and responsible behaviour which within CEN’s format can spread well beyond just fostering trustworthy and honest behaviour. It just takes a conscious leader to be a facilitator to help others be part of this transformative momentum.

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