In this 1-hour episode, we explore how you are wired. We all can be segmented into various personality and behavioral archetypes. We’ll explore what insights personal assessments can provide and how to make this a strategic advantage for running your business.

In this panel discussion, we’ll explore how you can leverage knowing how you are wired as well as identifying and understanding how others are wired to better communicate, build relationships and create value.

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The panelists referenced the following during the discussion:


360Reach personal brand survey:

Kolbe A Index:

The BANK Personality Profiling System:

The DiSC Assessment:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator:

“StrengthsFinder,” by Tom Rath:


“The Platinum Rule: Discover the Four Basic Business Personalities and How They Can Lead You to Success,” by Tony Alessandra and Michael J. O’Connor

“Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business,” by Gino Wickman and Kevin Pierce

“What the Heck is EOS? A Complete Guide for Employees in Companies Running on EOS,” by Gino Wickman and Tom Bouwer

“The Anatomy of Personal Excellence and High Performance,” by Robb Breding

“A Multi-Science Approach,” by Robb Breding

Patrick Lencioni, American writer of books on business management

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Heather Nunley — Founder & CEO, Culture Fuel Group

As a People & Culture Consultant and Executive Coach, Heather Nunley specializes in working with organizational leaders to elevate accountability and advance top talent. In 2013, Heather established Culture Fuel Group, a management consulting firm with a focus on leadership, culture and powering up individual and team contributions.

As a seasoned human resource executive, Heather’s leadership inspires change. With a record of helping leaders at Fortune 500 brands, including Marriott and Nordstrom, design their organizations for scale and agility, maximize their human capital and strengthen their talent pipeline, she has been developing business leaders for over 20 years.

Dedicated to creating workplaces that are more innovative, focused and engaged, she is passionate about helping leaders intentionally manage culture, improve results, better retain employees and deliver greater customer satisfaction.

Culture Fuel Group provides executive coaching, interactive workshops, executive roundtables and various customized consulting programs for organizations.

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Dave PriddyPresident/Founder DK Sales Consulting LLC

Dave has been leading, coaching and training sales organizations for more than 20 years. He has a passion to maximize people’s talents and potential with proven expertise in expanding skills and increasing revenue. He accelerates sales results through his proven process with a unique methodology designed to close more sales in less time teaching clients to understand why customers make decisions in less than 90 seconds.

Dave is currently a licensed and certified BANK Trainer and certified BANK IOS Coach with Codebreaker Technologies.

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Robb BredingFounder and Coach, REV Advisory Group

Robb Breding has over 30 years of experience engaging, developing and leading others both as a corporate executive at Sears in the 1990s and later as the co-founder and president of “Shock City Cellular,” where he grew the organization from a single store in 1999 to over 50 locations across 5 states before selling in 2014.

Shortly after the sale of his business, Breding launched a coaching and consulting practice called REV Advisory Group. The practice serves growth-minded business leaders using a people-centric approach focused on improving execution and accelerating results.

Robb’s love for people, business and leadership development are at the heart of everything he does. Through it all he has been married to his wife, Pamela, for over 33 years. Together, they have two beautiful daughters and currently live in Prior Lake, Minnesota.

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Alan Wallner

Alan Wallner — President | Visionary, Conscious Branding

Alan Wallner is the president and visionary of Conscious Branding. When his middle child told him she was transgender, Alan had to deal with a lot of emotions and work to figure out what that meant for his daughter, himself and his family. This journey helped Alan to understand a different way of looking at the world and a different way of seeing people.

As a result, he realized that branding isn’t about physical attributes anymore. It’s about the inner presence of a person and of the team that creates the brand of a business – it’s the way we treat other people and work together to create something remarkable.

This is what we call Conscious Branding. It literally has changed how Conscious Branding works with companies, builds brands and aligns a greater purpose with beliefs, vision and action as the essence of the brand.

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