Attitude Over Arrogance

It’s not uncommon for the underdog team or player to win over the more talented opponentWe see this played out in movies and stories. When something changes in the individual, that makes all the difference. This change is often seen as their attitude. 

Attitude over arrogance can put you and your employees in the right mindset and give you an edge in running your business. Here are a few key things to take into consideration when leading teams and for positioning yourself firmly in the direction of overcoming obstacles, achieving intentions and creating the energetic environment you would like to have as the culture of your business.  

Make work fun.
Employers often shudder when they hear the word fun in something that refers to their company culture because in their minds it also means not productive. In this instance, fun is referred to as passion, because when your passion suffers so does your business and your employees’ drive to want to do good workYour passion and staying true to your values will help you overcome difficult moments and project an attitude that makes people want to work with you. Passion can’t be taught. When it wanes, take some quiet time. Whether it’s an hour or a week, take an inventory of all the reasons you started your profession and why you like doing what you are doing. This will not only begin to renew your energy but also reignite your passion and get you back on course. 

Be accountable.
People have confidence and trust in people who are accountable. Always do and be your bestEven if you are delivering bad news, be accountable, own it and do what it takes to ensure that it won’t happen again. Bring ideas to the table and share what has been learned. Showing leadership, growth and transformation speaks volumes to accountability and integrity, especially with clients and your team. 

Be flexible, except with your core values.
It’s a given that your plans and strategies will change as time goes on. Flexibility for rapid change and being able to pivot quickly is an inherent advantage in today’s market. However, it is critical to step back and keep the shifts in your business aligned with your core values, beliefs and purposeRetaining the integrity of your core foundation keeps your actions in check with your intension and continues to keep your brand presence clear, focused and healthy.  

Risk is part of life.
Failure is an opportunity to learn. When encountering resistance and obstacles, it is important to look at them for what they are. A limitation is something you or even your client has created. Breaking down the obstacle into its basic components, and asking questions, allows you to see the obstacle in a new light guiding you to alternatives or ideas that may move the challenge forward or remove it completelyYou are valued in these situations when you bring fresh thinking to the mix rather than simply stating it can’t be done. 

Confidence is key.
Confidence is key to how you show up. Being secure and sure of your ideas, and even the quality of your ideas, is largely determined by what you have invested. So, do what it takes to be the best: do the extra little bit of research, explore the one idea that seems impossible or even stay up all night to ensure you have double checked everything. In the end, it is worth it because you know you did your best and you will bring forth an energy of confidence that others can feel. This confidence is contagious with your peers, customers, stakeholders, suppliers and everyone you deal with. 

Check your ego at the door.
It is not about how great your ideas are but how successful you can make your clients. It’s important to lift you head up from time to time and look at the bigger picture. More importantly, surrendering to the fact that another idea may be better than yours takes courage. It doesn’t matter where the ideas come from, what matters is that the right and best solution is in place, so hearing out new ideas and setting yours aside for the moment is critical to ensure all angles have been considered. Accepting criticism is also part of the game, so it’s okay  even necessary  for you, your team and your clients to state their honest opinions. 

Imperfect action creates timely decisions.
It’s okay to use your intuition, that gut feeling that this is the way to go even if you do not have the evidence to be 100% certain. Sometimes imperfect actions get you closer to your goal rather than having all the perfect data needed. Making a decision is taking action, and action is what keeps your energy flowing toward the outcome and even creates unexpected opportunities. Procrastination leads to missed opportunities and the perception of not being responsive.  

Attitude over arrogance is one of the best ways to motivate your employees and to lead by example. Engaging a mindset focused on how you feel and responding to situations with a positive outlook determines actions, and these actions create the outcomes. 

For success, attitude is equally as important as ability. 

— Walter Scott