How to Create a Persona

Personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers. These representations are based on information gathered about customer demographics and behaviors as well as speculation about their personal histories, motivations and concerns.  

Create a persona by leveraging surveys and research, and talking with your customers. Include a mix of customers – both “good” and “bad” – and don’t forget to include prospects and those outside your contact database who might align with your ideal customer description. If you continue to collect this information over time, you will always have the latest perspective of your ideal customers, what they value, and how your company and its services or product fit into their daily lives. 

When collecting information to create a persona, keep these points in mind: 

Background information 

– Find out the role your ideal customers fill in their job position. 

– Research key information about the type of company where they work. 

– Gather relevant information about their education, hobbies and interests. 

Demographic information 

– What is your ideal customers’ age? 

– What is their gender? 

– What is their income? 

– Where do they live? 

– What type of family life do they have?  


– What are their goals, in relation to your products or service? 


– What are some of their challenges, in relation to your products or services? 

How can your product or service help? 

– List ways you can help them achieve their goals. 

– List ways you can help them overcome their challenges. 

Once you have a focused understanding of your ideal customers, consider how you can develop your next marketing campaign, or how you could improve a product or service to better align with the needs of your ideal customers. 

As you try out your new messaging, keep track of how your customers respond. Experiment with focusing your efforts toward your ideal customers’ needs, and you’ll get results.