It’s A Bold New World.

Thrive!cast is series of web and podcasts for business owners about navigating and succeeding in an adverse and challenging business climate.

Our intention is to present ideas that spark thought, generate ideas that may not be the norm, push the boundaries of what is familiar and frame up a mindset to inspire new ways of navigating this new business climate successfully.

Each episode features a new topic and taps into expertise to discuss, explore, reveal and inspire action. We tap into the mysteries of life that surround each of us and impacts us as we work to achieve our purpose, live a fulfilling life, create our legacy and share with the world to make it more enlightened and prosperous.

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To give you a taste of  Thrive!cast, here is episode #9:

Do You Know How You Are Wired?

We all can be segmented into various personality and behavioral archetypes. Personal assessments can provide great insights and can be an invaluable tool for running your business.

The Thrive!cast episode, “Do You Know How You Are Wired?,” is moderated by Alan Wallner, President and Visionary, Conscious Branding. Panelists are Heather Nunley, Founder & CEO, Culture Fuel Group; Dave Priddy, President/Founder, DK Sales Consulting LLC; and Robb Breding, Founder and Coach, REV Advisory Group.