Why Invest in Your Brand?

Often companies think of their brand as their logo, their color, maybe even a catch phrase such as a tagline. In reality, your brand is the way you make people feel, the perception they have of you as a result of an experience you create for them. 

Knowing who, why, how and what makes your business distinctive comes from a deeper understanding of you as a leader in your business and your alignment with the company. Your personal purpose and why you do what you do, when aligned with your business purpose, is what creates the Brand Life-Force™ of your brand. It is this Brand Life-Force that, when embraced, drives your leadership, inspires your employees, determines your next service or product, and attracts your ideal customers. 

When you take a look at survey responses from your customers, almost 100% of the time respondents are commenting on an experience they had with you and how the experience made them feel. This determines their next steps, including if they’ll do business with you again and what they will tell someone about you. 

Yes, your logo and identity guidelines are valuable for retaining the integrity of how your brand should be presented or represented visually through logo placement, fonts, colors and even photography styles. Yet, this alone does not create your brand presence. It is what people are saying about you. 

Taking the time to invest in a deeper understanding of your core values, beliefs and your purpose leads to having a better guidance behind the reasoning of your business and begins to develop a conscious approach to your business. It becomes the basis for your decisions and allows you to think about your business from new perspectives. You’ll: 

  • Gain clarity on what you want in every aspect of your business
  • Get connected to why you do what you do
  • Develop a plan for how to achieve it 

Capturing all your thoughts, goals and strategies allows you to create a guidebook for how to achieve your vision for your conscious brand presence. More importantly, it communicates how you would like your team to be the brand, represent the brand and fulfill on your brand promise in the right ways — consistently. To be successful, it is important to capture and share the following with all who represent your brand, especially your key leaders and your employees: 

  • Premise
  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • Strategy 

Investing in your brand consciously can be overwhelming, and it is hard to know where to start. Yet, if you look at it methodically, you can look at all four of these aspects and break down your brand into components under each and then create a holistic approach to creating and building your conscious brand. 

To get you started, here is one way to explore and develop your brand: 

1. Think about who you are personally and as a company — this formulates your beliefs, desires, motivations, approaches and actions for your business.

  • Health and strength: Clarity and focus for your core values, beliefs, and why you do what you do
  • Intellectual: Interpersonal growth and guidance for all associated with your brand
  • Emotion: You are responsible for how you feel and how you make others feel through your brand experiences
  • Character: The guiding principles for our brand
  • Conscious mindset: A collaborative cultural understanding, motivators and actions

2. Think about how you and your business can influence the quality of your relationships externally and how you connect with others.

  • Passion, drive, even love: Energetic resonance people contribute to the culture of your brand
  • Leadership: Awareness, connection and compassion
  • Social: How you and your business create and build relationships 

3. Think about the way you and your business life choose to work and contribute to the world.

  • Financial: How your business serves a greater purpose
  • Remarkable careers: Investment in people, create the best outcome for all involved 

4. Think about your quality of life and what you want. 

5. Think about your life and business vision unified with the proceeding items and how it creates the vision for what you and your business want to lead into the future. 

Having definition and clarity around these areas guides your focus for a more conscious approach to your brand and helps determine actions to improve and the best way to achieve the desired outcome that is good for all involved.  

A commitment to investing in your brand drives new perspectives to guide your team’s actions and business decisions, and target audience satisfaction, by fulfilling on a brand promise based on what you can do for them the best. 

The result is a brand understanding, vision and strategy that calls attention to and clarifies the actions and behaviors that all your employees should exhibit, and defines the experiences they should create for others on a daily basis.  

Investing in your brand is important because it:  

  • Creates consistent and extraordinary experiences for your clients 
  • Increases employee collaboration and involvement, which creates a sense of pride and satisfaction 
  • Creates a culture that is stimulating and rewarding for all involved 

Creating and building and investing in your brand is a conscious choice. We hope you are so moved to begin your journey to Being Remarkable.