Conscious Heart

According to Albert Einstein’s formula E = MC2everything is energy. When you have an intense belief in your vision, you create an energetic vibration in response to your vision. This energy vibration is what motivatesinspires and attracts others to your brand and your business. 

If you don’t believe in what you are doing, are scaredfearful or even angry — even if you don’t think you are  you radiate a negative vibration that people can tune into. For prolonged periods of time, this can impact your business by shaping how people interact with and respond to you. 

Running a business is tough, and it is easy to sink into a negative disposition, especially if you are encountering challenges that disrupt your business. By aligning your why, purpose and core values with your business, you have greater forces on your side to help energize your beliefA belief so strong it is unshakable. Knowing in your heart that the purpose for why you do what you do is greater than yourself, mixed with gratitude, creates the intensity of the energy behind your brand  and even in tough times that intensity can outshine the negative turns. 

Building your brand from the core of why you do what you do and from your values plays significantly in what creates your unique differentiation in the market.  When working with our clients in developing these pivotal keystones, we collaborate using a series of exercises that activates thoughts and ideas, which are then formulated into what we call we believe statementsThese statements capture their passion for why they do what they do and is what keeps them motivated to get out of bed to go to work each day. Their belief statements are greater than themselves and focus on the impact they desire to have. 

Here are a few questions we ask to activate the thoughts and ideas that lead to the we believe statements: 

– What is your heart calling you to do through your business? 

– What are guiding principles that your business was founded on? 

– What is the unique impact you hope to make? 

– What keeps you from giving up? 

– What do you love most about what you do? 

– What do you believe in without a doubt? 

– What are the most important goals you remind yourself and others about? 

– What are some of the beliefs that help you manifest your outcomes? 

– What are some key life lessons you feel would assist your company in its evolution? 

– What are your philosophical thoughts around your greater calling? 

– Why are you doing this? 

– Ideally, how does your business make people feel? 

– How do you make people’s lives better? 

– What are some of the most inspiring quotes or beliefs that help you live your life to the fullest? 

– What is absolutely essential for your purpose to be truly meaningful? 

By leveraging the answers to these questions you’ll be able to formulate a series of statements that captures the foundation of the passion for your business. These can be leveraged to motivate, inspire and use as guiding principles for your most valuable asset – your employees. These statements should influence your daily business, hiring and future visioning. 

Creating your brand from your core values, beliefs and purpose is what makes your brand unique. These distinctive qualities will make a difference to your customers and is what differentiates your brand. You, your employees and ultimately your business create an energetic vibration that triggers the experiences you create for othersand generates an emotional response from people who experience your brand. 

Your brand is much more than your logo, tagline or style guide. It is a perception held in the minds of your staff, members and target audiences. It’s made up of all the experiences, qualities and emotions that they experience when interacting with every aspect of your company. It is these intangibles that help make your business remarkable. 

As a brand leader living and leading authentically, being 100% true to yourself, you create a disposition that empowers others to be and do the same. Your beliefs drive your thoughts, and your thoughts create patterns that determine your results. 

How you show up each day, being present and intentional, inspired by purpose-driven intention, belief and action centered around something greater than ourselves generates outcomes beyond what you thought possible. 

Be Remarkable!