Conscious Mind

“Mind” is defined as the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought. From a conscious branding perspective, mind becomes the element that gives the brand the concept, vision, context and direction.  

When you set out to accomplish something you usually have an idea of what you would like for the desired outcome. If you don’t, you typically flow through the process aimlessly, without emotion or any sense of accomplishment, and you may not even complete the endeavor.

With branding being such an intangible, it is essential to have a vision, intention and purpose behind what you are creating — basically a more mindful brand. Without clarity, direction and intent, you get inconsistency, confusion and lack of commitment — a mindless brand.

Set your intention

Writing your vision statement to claim where you are headed and the purpose for why you are doing what you are doing, sets the intention behind your actions. The words you use to describe this vision should be chosen carefully. Each word has an energetic value that becomes part of your brand. To give you an example, stand face-to-face with someone you know well, and say, “I love you.” Pay attention to the energy between the two of you. Now take a deep breath, and say, “I hate you.” You will notice that there is a completely different energetic value that you both feel with each of these statements.

To get you started on writing your vision statement, we’re sharing part of an exercise we do with our clients. This exercise helps you create momentum in manifesting your vision.

How do you see your business?

While doing this exercise, always see your company as something that contributes positively to the world. 

There is a lot to your business, so start at the beginning and work your way through down to different aspects of your business — staff, clients, partners, products, services, offerings, etc. — as you answer the following questions:

– Why was the business originally founded?

– When you are operating at your absolute best, what is happening – what does this look like?

– What are you doing, or accomplishing, when you are most passionate about your business?

– What are the guiding principles in which your business was founded on?

– What spirit or intention do you need to retain at all costs?

– When you are failing, stalling or disenchanted with the business – what causes this, what is happening?

– What is the ultimate impact you hope to make?

– What difference do you make in the lives of our clients?

– What is your organization’s greatest strength; what do you have the potential to be the best at?

– What are you most passionate about?

– Where can you make the most meaningful impact?

– What services would your clients happily pay you for?

– What do you love most about this company/brand?

– What does your brand do for others that no one else can do?

– If your company or brand ceased to exist, what would be lost?

Leveraging the answers from the questions above, start to visualize your ideal business, from the experiences you create to how you make people feel, even who you attract and how your business is seen in the world. Think of the lives you’ll impact and the difference you’ll make. This is visioning not planning, so you don’t have to worry about it being possible or even know how it can happen, you just need to visualize it and put it into words.

Don’t feel you have to do this in one sitting. This could take a few days of journaling and soul searching. Really take some time with this and get to know your vision well and how it makes you feel. How you feel will be your guide to knowing if this vision is on the right path. It may scare you, and that is okay; it’s fear that you do not want to go toward.

As you visualize, include your five senses whenever possible. Imagine the feelings you would have as though you have accomplished your vision. Feel this joy and imagine yourself pumping your fists in the air and whooping as though you have attained your goal. Feel the gratitude and joy of this accomplishment.

Get a really good visual in your mind, put yourself in this situation and just sit with it for a moment. Pay attention to your body, your heart rate, how does this weigh on you and how does this experience make you feel?

This is the type of energy you want behind your brand. Remember how this feels and use it as a guide when creating your brand. This is how you should always feel when your brand is working for you.

The energetic feeling you create and how it feels to you is the key to the success of your brand vision. The feeling of your vision helps you stay focused and on track as your business evolves and grows. It is your job to remember that energetic feeling and strive to create and hold on to it on a daily basis, and in every aspect of your business.

Get clear on your vision so you can share and lead with a clear intention. Don’t reveal it until you are ready. It is okay to make some modifications along the way as you learn and discover more – avoid big directional changes or shifts. The key is that you are always working on it, improving and you believe in what you are doing. Take action on it no matter how big or small.

Make a daily commitment

Journal it — get it down on paper so you can make it real 

Spend five minutes a day on your vision. Give it the attention it deserves. This doesn’t mean you have to be writing about it, you can also read what you have written, feel it, be in it, enjoy it. Go online and do research on your vision. Keep an open mind and leverage what aligns with the feelings you associate with your vision. After a while, add images and photos to represent this vision and include as many of your five senses as possible.

Your vision provides the idea, direction, insight and outcome to focus and rally your team, stakeholders and community; it is also leveraged as a guide star for steering. It creates the stability for the type of energy you create behind your brand.

How you show up each day, being present and intentional inspired by purpose-driven intention, belief and action centered around something greater than ourselves generates remarkable outcomes.

Keep a look out for upcoming blog posts that go into more depth on the Mind, Heart and Brand framework foundation of Conscious Branding.