What is conscious branding?

Brand is often thought of as your logo or your color. In reality, it is the perception someone has of you as a result of the experiences you create for them. This perception is energetically driven and in order to have a strong brand, you must know how to create this energetic response and deliver it consistently.

Delivering consistently on your brand experiences is critical. To be successful, setting a foundational framework is essential and provides you with a clear understanding of who you are as a company, how to talk about it and how to create a strong presence that attracts more of your ideal clients. A foundational framework is segmented into three primary areas: mind, heart and brand.

Mind — Set your intention
Knowing where you are headed and the purpose for why you are doing what you are doing, sets up the intention behind your actions. It provides the vision, direction, insight and outcome to focus and rally your team, stakeholders and community; it is also leveraged as a guide star for steering. It creates the stability for the type of energy you create behind your brand.

Heart — Believe in your why
Clearly defining your why into belief statements and aligning your business with core values is what gives you the next critical ingredient – belief. A belief so strong it is unshakable. Know in your heart that the purpose for why you do what you do is greater than yourself. This passion and belief mixed with gratitude creates the intensity of the energy behind your brand.

Brand — Create your presence
The actions you take are necessary to create experiences that make your brand presence felt. Actions that align with who you are as a company, and why you do what you do, connect with people at an emotional level that carries with it an energetic presence. This energy becomes known as the life-force behind your brand.

A Culture Mindset
Energy plays a big role in how people engage with your business and is the life-force behind your brand. By creating your brand from the inside out, you create a culture in which you and your employees are aligned with why you do what you do, and as a team you’ll have a more profound energetic connection with your brand manifesting itself in every aspect of your business:

  • Create a heightened mindset for business success
  • Create a valued differentiation from your competition
  • Create a clear reason for why someone should work with you (buy from you)
  • Attract more ideal customers
  • Create happier, engaged employees
  • Create clear, effective marketing messages
  • Create greater value for your customers
  • Create a greater impact on the world

Keep a lookout for upcoming blog posts that go into more depth on the Mind, Heart and Brand framework foundation of Conscious Branding.